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Self-Stick 5" X 7" Art & Neeedlecraft Mounting Foam Pres-On

Self-Stick 5" X 7" Art & Neeedlecraft Mounting Foam by Pres-On Products

This self-stick padded mounting board by Pres-On is fast, simple and easy-to-use.  It provides accurate centering and will remain smoth and wrinkle free for many years to come.

Acid free and chemically inert, this product is safe to use with your precious items.

Simply stretch your cross stitch or other needlework project over the pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated board for that padded look that makes your handiwork POP!

High tack, pressure sensitive adhesive provides precise centering of artwork and will keep your hard work smooth and wrinkle free, yet can be reomoved for future cleaning or remounting.

Adhesive coating on 1/4" white foam and  chipboard (cardboard).


$1.75 4 available

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